Cremation Service

Cremations are increasingly becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Affordability may be a large factor, as families often are not prepared for the added cost of purchasing a burial plot or headstone. A cremation also affords the family more time to prepare for the funeral service and allows a large variety of memorialisation options once the ashes are returned. 

Many people believe that by returning the body to ashes, we are returning the body to the universe in its purest form.

There are several types of cremation services you can choose to farewell your loved one. A Funeral Service, a Memorial Service or a No Service No Attendance.

A Funeral Service allows a coffin to be present during the service to farewell your loved one which is followed by a cremation.

A Memorial Service is where your loved one is cremated prior to the Service and their ashes are present for the Memorial. With a Memorial Service it allows you and your family to plan and make sure all family members that need to travel can get here safely.

A No Service No Attendance means your loved one will be cremated and their ashes returned to you with no service or attendance.