Funeral Bonds: Pre-Planning - Makes Sense

Investing in a Funeral Bond is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make. You have the security of knowing you have provided for future costs, and the comfort that you are protecting your loved ones from a potential financial burden. For further information on Funeral Bonds, please visit Sureplan 

Key Features and Benefits

Set aside funds

A funeral bond is specifically designed to help you save
for future funeral expenses.

Security is guaranteed

Your contributions and allocated bonuses are capital
guaranteed. Your investment is held in a Funeral Bond Fund which is regulated
by the Corporations Act 2001 and the Life Insurance Act 1995.

A tax effective environment

Annual bonuses are exempt from personal income tax,
therefore your personal tax position is not affected at anytime. Upon death,
the benefit will be paid to your Estate. The growth component of your benefit
(being the difference between your benefit and your contributions) will be
assessed in the hands of your Estate.

Centrelink advantages

A funeral bond investment is exempt from both the Centrelink
and the Department of Veteran Affairs Assets and Income Test.
your investment may provide for improved Centrelink benefits depending on
your circumstances, and can be paid into the fund as a lump sum or through
regular contributions. There is also the option of direct debiting payments.



A funeral bond can be opened in single or joint names.
Monies contributed to a funeral fund policy held in joint names can be used
towards one funeral only so we strongly request if a couple wishes to open
Funeral Bond accounts that they are done individually to save any confusion

No restrictions

There are no restrictions on age or health.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will have considerably
less to worry about after you’re gone.