Funeral Service Options

Townsville Funerals, Cremations and Crematorium is an independent locally owned funeral company that offers a wide range of funeral care options that cater to budget and personal choice to families of Townsville and its surrounding areas.

We offer the following funeral care options –

  • Personalised Funeral Services
  • Burials, Cremations and Resomations
  • Complete Funeral Packages
  • Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans and Help with Funeral Bonds

Direct Service – No Service/No Attendance (No Funeral Service)

If your preference is for a no fuss option and you do not require a funeral service then the essential care service, referred to as a No Service No Attendance will best meet your needs. Your loved one is cremated with no mourners in attendance at a service.  Their cremated remains are then returned to the family and the death certificate applied for to be collected by family from Townsville Funerals, Cremations and Crematorium at a later date.

A Memorial Service

A memorial service takes place after a private burial or cremation without the coffin or casket bearing the remains of your loved one present. If a cremation has taken place, should your family, so desire, the cremated remains may be present in a specially selected urn. Memorial services may be held in our chapel or a special place and generally a member of clergy, a civil celebrant or even a family member or friend can conduct the service.

A Full Funeral Service

A funeral service means your loved is present in a coffin or casket.  The service can take place at a church or chapel or a select amount of other venues as is deemed suitable by our local council laws.  Most local Ministers are happy to conduct these services using our chapel, or we have our own celebrants if you’re wishing to have a non-religious service.  Our friendly staff will help co-ordinate and liaise with you on all aspects of a Funeral service, making sure everything comes together seamlessly.

Whichever funeral option you choose to celebrate the life of your loved one, our caring staff will assist your family with the necessary arrangements every step of the way.

Additional Service Offerings

Upon request we offer a range of additional funeral care options and services to help celebrate a life, including:

  • A range of contemporary memorial books
  • Orders of service booklets
  • Keepsake memorial books
  • Photo tribute presentations    
  • A range of memorial urns are jewellery